Highlights - This Highlighter is the first tool in our suite. Bookmarks don't work. Capture what is relevant to you on a page with our highlighter.
Add notes and tags. Mark them public if you want to share it with your fiends.

How to use?

  • Highlight as you read.

    Don't loose your reading flow. Just select the text and Highlight. Your highlights will show up when you visit the page next time..

  • Add more context on the page

    Once you are done reading the article. You can just click on any highlight to add tags and notes to the highlight..

  • Add more details from dashboard

    Say you are lazy like us. You can always go to your dashboard to add more tags and notes at once. Search and add relevant data at once.

Who is using?

The extension has been used by students, teachers, researchers and knowledge workers for the last two years.

  • 50,000+ Highlights
  • 2,969 Tags
  • 16,764 Links
  • 1,477 Unique Users

Get Started

Download our chrome extension and create an account with any social media account. 
  Just select the relevant text on any of your favorite blogs and start highlighting. It is that easy.